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  • Can I bring in special pieces to add to my canvas?
    Yes! You can bring pieces to add to your canvas to make your creation unique.
  • Does the studio provide safety gear?
    Yes, the studio provides googles, disposable plastic aprons, & disposable gloves for all patrons.
  • Will the tumbled glass cut me?
    Tumbled glass typically does not have any sharp or jagged edges, which generally makes it safe to the touch. However, safety first! You must still be careful and utilize gloves, do not touch or rub the tumbled glass in a rough vigorous manner, or downward in a pounding motion.
  • Will I get my DIY glass piece the same day.
    No. Your DIY glass piece must be coated with a special resin mixture. It will take at least 8 hours to dry but cures in 24 hours. Your piece will be ready in 24 hours, for pick up.
  • Can I or my family create a piece larger than 12x12 or 11x14 and do a group project.
    Yes. The studio does offer glass group projects by appointment only. Call studio for details. The appointment is only offered on certain days and the group project is limited to party size and must be paid in full.
  • Do you create custom coasters of other things than what is pictured on the website?
    Yes, we can create a custom coaster of an unlimited variety of images (minus copywrite infringement).
  • Are the coasters limited to one image or can it be 4 different images?
    The coasters can be a set of the same image or up to 4 different images. The price will still be the same.
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